Site to be updated soon. Rohan Taori

Undergrad EECS student
interested in machine learning

Hi, I'm Rohan! Formerly a competitive programmer and debater, I've now
taken my interests to applying machine learning to solve current real-world
problems. I'm also a big Warriors fan, and I love food 🍕 (esp deep dish)!


Working in a research group or at a company, I love being part of a friendly, caring team.

Gradient Descent Researcher,
Prof. Carlo Sequin

I created a program to visualize a near-miss Johnson solid using OpenGL, and formed an approach to develop a cost function for the solid's irregularity. I then implemented gradient descent to find optimal solids in various configurations.

Software Development Intern,

As part of the Test Cloud group, I developed cross-platform test suites for mobile apps like Uber and Pinterest and spearheaded the rollout for testing support on Appium's Java framework.


Here are some of my favorite projects! Check out my Devpost for more on what I make.

Programming Language Classification - GitHub

We partnered with Github to improve their existing language classifier. My contributions included a Stratified K-fold CV and an LSTM 2-layer RNN. Reduced classification time by 90% and classification error rate by 40%.

Take a Picasso

Take a Picasso is a robotic sketch artist. With a few OpenCV and hardware tricks, users can watch a sketch of themselves be generated in front of them. Who doesn't want a bot to sketch out their portrait?! Best Hardware Hack and Best 3D Printing Hack at CalHacks.


Here's some of the recognition I've received for my work.

  • Best Hardware Hack CalHacks

    My team's project Take a Picasso won Best Hardware Hack and Best 3D Printing Hack at CalHacks 2016.

  • Regents' and Chancellor's Scholarship

    UC Berkeley presents this award to the top of its incoming class each year.


Feel free to reach out to me and check out my resume,
and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. 😄